Want to deal with it responsibly
but not drive yourself crazy?

Moving Out?
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Moving In?
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Staging House for Sale?

Green Martha Sustainability Focused Professional Organizing for New York's Capital District, from Albany to Clifton Park to Saratoga

Attics to Basements
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Closets to Filing Systems
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Storage Lockers
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Garages and Sheds

Green Martha® Professional Organizing

Sustainability Focused
Consulting, Coaching, Hands-on Labor

No shame, no blame, just skillful assistance to help YOU make decisions that work for you, short term and in the long run. This is about asking the right questions, really listening to your answers, and then making suggestions to implement solutions thoughtfully, expediently, and economically.

It doesn't ALL have to go. What remains will be organized smartly so the objects of your life are easy to locate, and useful once again. Things that are weeded out are dealt with in a conscious and sustainable manner: reuse, recycle, and last option, trash. I am a very experienced, sustainability-focused, professional organizer who loves her work.

Assisting elderly and families a speciality.

Reasonable Rates.   Free Consultation.   References Available.

Capital Region   ::::   Albany to Saratoga

ML Healey   518-692-9539